Raw Greens with over 23 ingredients.

Your 5 a day in just 1 scoop taken care of with this delicious super food blend. 7.5g per scoop, 225g per pouch, 30 day serving.

Soy Lecithin; Spirulina; Apple Fibre Powder; Barley Grass Powder; Wheat Grass Powder; Oat Fibre Powder; Alfalfa Grass Powder; Chlorella Broken Cell Wall; Soya Sprout Powder; Acerola Berry; Red Beet Root Powder; Pomegranate Seed; Siberian Ginseng; Carrot Powder; Tomato Juice; Astragalus Root Powder; Spinach Leaf; Broccoli Powder; Ginkgo Biloba; Green Tea Leaf; Grape Seed; Elderberry Whole Fruit Powder; Blueberry Whole Fruit Powder; Natural Orange Flavour; Stevia Natural Sweetener.